Firm Profile

Mendlowitz Janelle Simone LLP is a full service accounting, business advisory and consulting firm offering a wide variety of solutions. We are known for our exceptional client service, timely engagement delivery and most of all, we are known for solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Let’s take a closer look:

Exceptional Client Service
Our continued success is built on our ability to execute engagements with knowledgeable staff, hands-on Partners and a professional network of contacts to assist with your needs. The Partner’s have dedicated their careers to servicing our clients. That means that the assigned Partner is involved in every aspect of the engagement. Whether it be assisting staff with performing engagement duties or reviewing working papers in the field, our Partner’s are simply there every step of the way. Accordingly, you will get the most for your dollars as our billing rates for each step of the engagement balances the appropriate level of expertise required.

Timely Execution
With our engagement planning, paperless office and Partner hands on approach, meeting deadlines has never been an issue. Technology plays an important role in our engagement execution. We invest in ourselves to ensure that while out on the field, we have all the tools necessary to perform our duties as efficiently as possible. In fact our investment in technology is so important to us that we even go that extra step to having your files backed up while out at your premise. This means that even with an unexpected event, disaster or delay, we can be up and running in a timely manner to ensure that execution of your end product is delivered according to the timeline as established in our client pre-engagement planning meeting.

Client Satisfaction
We at MJS stand committed to executing our service consistent with you realizing your goals. Our motto, "More than Just Service TM", represents our commitment to you. Whether you require accounting, audit, tax or advisory services, we stand committed to you and your needs. With our Partner’s many years of servicing small to medium sized enterprises throughout Ontario and other areas of Canada, our proven client service speaks for itself.

If you are ready to achieve your goals, contact us, we’d be happy to listen to your needs.